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UNITE: Mobilizing Entrepreneurship

We have been solving design & development problems, product complications and coffee run emergencies for sometime now. Our team can make one go blind with an enormous amount of creative solutions that they shine with. We believe in unlocking results and growing parallelly along with our clients.

We started from scratch, but we aim for the moon. While we are on our way there, we believe in establishing a growing relationship with our precious clients. We take pride in our business and services, just like you do. We strive everyday for excellence so that you get to give your customers the experience that would leave an impression.

"We value our customers. It's not just about the one-time work, but it's about building a long-term relationship with them. Moreover, understanding their needs and helping them to scale in the marketplace is a priority here, as we believe in parallel growth. It's like as they grow, we grow."

Mohammadu Mifras,
Founder & CEO,

Research & Strategizing

Exquisite Designing

Exceptional Development

Guided growth


Mohammadu Mifras

Founder & CEO

Deekshith K Suvarna

Director & Head of Design

Gherghel Alexandru

Chief Technology Officer


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