Revolutionizing Product Management for UrbanSpace with a Custom Shopify Application

Jul 02, 2024Amit Gupta
Revolutionizing Product Management for UrbanSpace with a Custom Shopify Application

Problem Statement:

UrbanSpace, a leading furniture store, faced a significant challenge in offering a seamless purchasing journey for their customers on Shopify. The primary hurdle was Shopify's limitation on the number of allowed variants per product. This restriction made it difficult for UrbanSpace to display numerous swatches, such as different colors and materials, that are crucial for a furniture store aiming to provide a rich and customizable shopping experience.

Solution Implementation:

To overcome this challenge, we developed a bespoke Shopify application tailored specifically for UrbanSpaceInterior. Our solution not only addressed the immediate limitations but also enhanced the overall product management capabilities and customer experience.

1. Custom Application Development

We engineered a custom Shopify application that empowers UrbanSpace to bypass the variant limitation. This application is designed to facilitate the creation of product groups, allowing the association of prices with these groups and linking multiple colors to each group.

2. Enhanced Swatch Display

The application enables UrbanSpace to display a wide range of swatches within the Shopify purchasing journey. Customers can now see all available colors and materials for a product, providing a more comprehensive and engaging shopping experience.

3. Synchronization with Shopify Metafields

Our solution includes the synchronization of the product data with Shopify's metafields. This ensures that all information related to product groups, prices, and swatches is accurately reflected on the storefront. The seamless integration guarantees that customers have access to the most up-to-date product details.

4. Seamless Storefront Integration

We configured the product page on UrbanSpace's storefront to integrate smoothly with the custom application. This integration ensures that the new functionality operates flawlessly, providing customers with a user-friendly interface that enhances their shopping experience.


Our bespoke Shopify application has transformed the way UrbanSpace manages their product catalog and interacts with customers. By overcoming Shopify's variant limitations, we have enabled UrbanSpace to offer a rich and customizable shopping experience, showcasing numerous swatches for their products. The seamless integration with Shopify's metafields ensures data accuracy and consistency across the storefront, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

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