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Theme Development

There are two approaches to theme development, and the appropriate one can be chosen based on factors such as budget and the desired go-to-market speed.

  • Custom Theme Development: This would be the best suitable option if you have an existing design done or require a fully custom theme.  Ideal for brands that want a unique user experience. 
  • Theme-Based Development: Work based on a selected theme as per your choice/with our recommendation from the Shopify theme store; includes Limited design & development. Ideals for Merchants with a limited budget and who want to go to market fast.

Data Driven UI/UX Design

As a design-focused development agency, our services prioritize design, taking a design-first approach to everything we do.

  • Our design services include comprehensive UX research, UX/UI design, and design system development for theme and product development.
  • As part of our data-driven approach, we will implement analytics to track user behavior and engagement with your product, and use this data to optimize the design and user experience. Additionally, we will conduct usability testing to identify any issues and make iterative changes based on user feedback.

Headless Commerce

  •  We specialize in 360° headless commerce development services. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in backend and frontend development, and we have the expertise to tackle headless commerce's complexity and architectural challenges.
  • Our key tech stack:
    Frontend technologies; Shopify Hydrogen, Next.js, Gatsby, React, JAMStack and Contentful, but we have the expertise to work with any JavaScript framework.
    Backend technologies : Python(Django)/Node.js


Our team specializes in developing Shopify apps, both for the Shopify app store and custom apps for Merchant's specific needs. We offer design and development services to help you transform your app idea into a reality. We will handle all aspects of the process, from research/development to approval.

  • Public app: We have experience building a wide range of apps, and can help bring your app idea to life through our design and development services. Checkout our apps
  • Custom app: If you have a unique requirement that cannot be met by existing apps in the app store, we can help you develop a custom application tailored to your specific needs. This service is perfect for merchants looking for solutions for their own store.


  • We specialize in handling data migrations from eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and custom solutions. Our data migration process is safe and secure, with a focus on SEO and 301 redirects. We can migrate customer data, products, content, order history, and more.


  • We have partnerships with top SaaS companies, including Okendo, Klaviyo, Alavara, ReCharge, Gorgias, and Yopto, to provide a top-notch commerce experience. In addition, we can create custom integrations to connect your ERP, CRM, PIM, and other systems, allowing you to focus on growing your brand.

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